Tuning into Your Intuition

31 Jan Tuning into Your Intuition

How do I tap into my intuition? 

That’s a question I get a lot.

First know that you were born with intuitive abilities. Tuning into your intuitive side is something everyone can do. It’s not just for the mystics, psychics’, or “intuitive people”.

It’s just a matter of learning how to discern between the voice of your ego, which is always based on fear, doubt and worry, VS your higher self…which is where your intuition comes from.

It’s that quiet voice within (that sounds like you) and comes from love, it’s never frantic, judgmental or mean.

My friend’s will often hear me say “What I’m hearing is….” or “What I’m feeling is….”

I’m simply allowing the first thoughts and emotions that pop up to the surface. I’ve had to learn to trust that voice. A lot!

My intuition has guided me not only in my personal life, but my business life too.  It’s been my co- pilot in decision making every step of the way. And when I’ve listened to and honored the information — I’m compelled to act and when I do, it’s always beneficial.

What gets in the way of our intuition is DOUBT!

You will get to a point where you can energetically FEEL the difference between guided action and action from the ego.

You’ll just KNOW the difference

But getting to that point takes practice. And patience.

Differentiating Between Fear/Doubt and Intuition.

Knowing which one is which can be frustrating.

Not knowing is your starting point. In time, you will just KNOW.

Where I first started was playing around with it.

I would drive in a big parking lot, like a mall. And I’d invite my higher self to play with me. I’d say something like “Higher self, please guide me to a parking spot.” .

Asking is the first step. Angels/God/Spirit/Higher-self honors our free will and they will not overstep that, so you have to ask.

They show up immediately upon asking, so no need to ask more than once for each request.

After you ask, while driving in the parking lot, just go where you FEEL PULLED to go.

Don’t question it, don’t doubt it, just go down this way and that and see if you come across a spot.

At first you might zig zag and feel crazy, but that’s ok.

It’s an exercise that will eventually lead you to knowing that voice.

You’ll start to get familiar with that PULL.
And that’s what you want. To recognize that sense inside you that says “MAKE A RIGHT, MAKE A LEFT”

Believe the voice and do not dismiss it as a random thought.

Your only job is to get familiar with that feeling, that quiet voice…the one that sounds like YOU. But it’s really your intuition/higher-self speaking through you, guiding you.

It’s that voice inside you that nudges you to take a different route home, but you ignore it because “you always go that way”. Only to find out there’s an accident on your normal route and now you’re stuck in traffic.

It has a LOT to do with TRUSTING and not being able to see what’s up ahead.

Just play around with it.

Have fun, it’s really fun once you get going and you start seeing the results

You’ll get there!

Especially once you trust something and it turns out exactly how you FELT it would.

That feeling that caused you to act, will be imprinted and you’ll remember it the next time.

Final Thoughts

Have fun with this. Frustration and placing time constraints on yourself to “get this” will only prolong your intuitive abilities from strengthening. 

Play around and know that you have guidance within yourself that is greater than anything outside of yourself. 




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