“When things seemed the bleakest is when a true miracle happened for me. I was introduced to Jody Agard. I had found her words and wisdom to be a great motivator for me and began to try looking at things from many different angles instead of just my biased opinions. Jody would always have a kind word to say and in her own way, ways to keep you motivated. She would support anything you tried to do and give you encouragement when things didn’t work out.  She sees things that others do not and she truly cares about others. I am honored and grateful to know such an amazing woman and outstanding human being. Because of Jody Agard I don’t have as much stress, have more friends than I can be thankful for and starting a new career as an EMT/Firefighter. All because one person reached out and help show me the way and I know will continuously have my back. Thank You Jody for all you have done.” ~ Chris Field, Cape Coral, FL


“I can’t thank Jody enough for all of the powerful words of advice and life guidance that she has provided me! Jody has truly made a difference in the way I look at my present situation and how to better my future.  It’s amazing how she knows exactly what to say to make a difference. I take Jody’s lessons seriously and she has proved to me that they work! Jody has truly helped me in so many areas of my life. She is amazing!!!” ~DeDe Stubbs~ Fort Myers, FL


“Jody has changed my life! Her sincere compassion and concern in her coaching skills have forever changed my way of thinking. Jody has taught me techniques to avoid anxiety and exercises to help me through those harry moments when I get a little off track in my thinking. I’m barely finished with her program and I’m already achieving dreams I have hoped for and I can see such a huge change in my every day attitude and way of thinking. Thank you Jody!” ~ Nicole Habel, Estero, FL


“What an amazing workshop!!! Thank you Jody!!!!” ~ Amy Moore, Cape Coral, FL


“When I discovered Jody, I was at my lowest. I had very little self-confidence, felt worthless and that every task or project I started was never completed. She kept reassuring me that after the program I would have a totally different outlook and would be able to process things in a positive light. Was she ever right! She provided me the tools, coaching and confidence to think clearly and not put myself down. Of course I had some setbacks but Jody was always there, morning, noon or night, to help pick me up and realize this is life. We all have moments of “off days” but we need to stop beating ourselves up and this too will pass.
Thank you Jody for help me through my lowest and continuing to be a shining star in my sky! I’m forever grateful!”

~Debra, Sydney Australia


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