When S*** Hits the Fan – Up-Level Your Self-Care Practice

23 May When S*** Hits the Fan – Up-Level Your Self-Care Practice

Life with kids and family is already chaotic in itself. 

Add extenuating circumstances, whether its caring for a sick child, ill parent, or moving – things can get nuts!

Recently, my 12 year old son has needed more than usual healthcare.

He’s been experiencing extreme headaches and dizziness for a while now, which prompted an MRI of the brain to be done.

The results showed there’s something pressing on the back of his brain and would require a trip to the Neurosurgeon, the Neurologist and another MRI for additional testing and evaluating the possibility of surgery.

Needless to say, these last few weeks have been nutty as well as an emotional roller coaster. To say the least.

Sometimes I’ve felt like a rag doll, being pushed and pulled in this direction and that.

As a mom, I feel this pull to devote every ounce of my love, compassion and care for my son in any way possible.

But – I also know that’s just not realistic.

I can’t be all things to everyone. At least not without devoting that same love, care and compassion to myself first.

Eeeeek, that word “first” can bring up all sorts of feelings.

Ultimately though, its imperative for me to up-level my self-care practice during these times. (Even if it doesn’t feel like the “logical” thing to do at the time!)

Otherwise, I won’t have much to offer my son, or my husband.

Its a tricky line to walk though. 

Watching out for certain indicators really helps. Such as:

  • Feeling exhausted
  • Feeling burnt-out
  • Feeling resentful
  • Feeling like I just want to run and hide somewhere by myself
  • Feeling like I want to go on a silent retreat
  • Feeling snippy and reactive to everyday nuances

These are red flags that force me to ask myself “What have I done for myself lately?”

Usually at this point, its been a while.

So I’ll choose to do one or two of the following (regardless of how many other things are on my to-do list):

  • Go for a walk
  • Take a hot bath
  • Write my book or journal
  • Read something inspirational
  • Sit by the water
  • Meditate
  • Sit in the sun for 15 minutes

These things are an INVESTMENT of my time…they do not take away from anything.

I know doing these things will make me an even better caregiver to my son and and wife to my husband. Doing these things will add value to my life and the people in it.

Above all, they will help to make me feel whole and allows me to be fully present in any given moment.

Lots of love, 



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