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If you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you know when your relationships are in disarray…all other areas of your life feel unsettled and disharmonious too, don’t they?

And on the flip-side, when your relationships are thriving, you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world, don’t you?

Why is this?

Because at the core of who you are, lies the basic human need to love and be loved – both sexually and non-sexually – by others. Our personal relationships affect us more than we know or may even want to admit.

After spending the first five years crying my little heart out after my dad’s suicide, there came a day the tears finally came to an end. I was ecstatic I was able to finally go an entire day without shedding a tear! I felt like I got my life back and I remember saying to myself “Thank God that’s over! If I got through that, then I can get through anything in life!”

Although my family and friends were telling me I was handling the aftermath of his suicide well and I accepted my new life for what it was fairly early on, I also began to shut down emotionally and my walls started to go up.

I became “strong” and was told I had thick skin. I had a friend once tell me she wished she was strong like me and I remember saying to her “I wish I could feel and be more sensitive like you.”

My dad was the first man to break my heart and certainly not the last. With every failed relationship, I added an invisible brick around my heart until I had a nice big wall to protect it.

But deep down, I didn’t want to have thick skin. I wanted to cry, I wanted to feel again. I wanted to believe in love again and in that “happily ever after”! I wanted to be vulnerable and put down my walls for that someone special. I wanted to fall in love with the nice guy. I wanted to be the old couple who walked down the street hand-in-hand.

But how, when I’ve been hurt so many times before? Inside, I felt as though I was damaged and broken because I couldn’t even cry, let alone bring myself to truly open my heart. I thought something was “wrong” with me.

Today, I am happy to report that I found the answers to my questions and I have let my walls down!View More:  (You can hear my whole story here:

Not only am I engaged to a man who is every bit deserving of my love, but all of my relationships have improved. I began appreciating my family more and I began to forgive the people of my past. After that, things just started to fall into place! Within a year and a half, I was able to leave my unfulfilled corporate career after discovering my life purpose and I ventured out to start my own life coaching and relationship consulting practice! I get to wake up every morning and empower others through my motivational speaking, my writing and my coaching! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!

And this all happened because of two things. The first—I truly forgave my dad. The second—I began truly loving myself!

Loving myself—-when I started doing more of that, my entire life improved!

I’ve discovered when we love ourselves from the inside out (imperfections and all), our inner relationship improves. When our inner relationship improves, our outer relationships improve. When our outer relationships improve, everything else begins to simply fall into place.

Why am I telling you this?? Because….

My brand new LETTING LOVE IN series—officially launches today!!!

Which means lots of new, exciting products and services coming out in the upcoming weeks and months—

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Each product is based on practical ways to Let L-O-V-E In! Topics will vary from forgiveness to incorporating more fun into your life and everything else in between!

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