“Help! I’m In A Bad Mood!” – 4 Tips to Improve It

22 Jun “Help! I’m In A Bad Mood!” – 4 Tips to Improve It

Ahhhh, those little things called “moods”.

The other day, I recognized I was rapidly sliding down that slippery slope and headed right for a bad mood.

Luckily I caught myself and here’s what I did to pull myself out of my soon-to-be bad mood.

Just say NO!

Isn’t this what we tell our kids?

I decided to take my own advice.

If you really want to drive yourself mad, just keep saying yes to everything. Keep piling on the duties, the chores, the events, the expectations and even the requests from others. I quickly realized I was saying yes to others more than I was saying yes to myself.

Be a yes snob. Be choosy about things you say yes to. If it doesn’t feel right, politely decline. You can’t possibly please everybody all of the time. This is about your sanity, not theirs.

Guilt – Let It Go

Guilt -ɡilt/- the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime.

“Implied offense”.  Who’s doing the “implying”…because if it’s me, I’m in trouble!  I don’t know about you, but I can be my own worst enemy.

By nature and with good intentions, I tend to be a pleaser. And although at times I try to act like I’m some sort of a super-hero wonder woman, really I’m not. Sometimes though, not only do I try to do it all…when I can’t…I start beating myself up.  Which is crazy…but at least I’m way more aware of it these days, so I catch myself and stop the self imposed guilt-trip a heck of a lot sooner. To 10x the benefit of this process, shift your attention to and write down a short list of all the things you’ve already accomplished and are grateful for that week/month/year.

If you want to maintain your sanity, you must be willing to disappoint those around you and more importantly, and not feel guilty about it. Why do we think its ok to just keep piling on the guilt?

So what if you put yourself in a time out to stare off into space for ten minutes.

So what if you watch your favorite funny TV show.

So what if you ask your kids to go play outside just so you can enjoy some peace and quiet to yourself for an hour.

So what if you don’t feel like making dinner and end up ordering take-out…two nights in a row.

Woopty doo.

Mothers. We love to pile on the guilt as if some things are indicators of our parenting or how much we love our kids.

Its not like our kids are going to grow up and say “Well, there was hope for me…until my mom decided to order take out two nights in a row.”

Seriously silly.

So, the choice is ours…sanity or guilt. It’s up to us.

Be Willing to Laugh at Yourself

Laughter is the best medicine for everything. When you find yourself beating yourself up, just ask yourself “Does this really matter in the big

And then laugh out loud.

Yes, just start laughing at yourself. In fact, belly laugh at yourself.

A funny thing happens.

You feel like an idiot, so you laugh at yourself and then you laugh at yourself some more.

It’s contagious and really quite enjoyable actually.

Accept Your Own Shortcomings

You are perfectly imperfect. We all have things we’re good at…and then we also have those things we could work on.

Don’t let the “weaknesses” define you. FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS!

We all have weaknesses so there’s no need to compare ourselves to others either. A person who may appear to have it all “going on” –also has weaknesses. Although they may be hard for most others to see, they are present nonetheless.

Love yourself while you continue to improve yourself. And always remember to thank yourself for all the love and improvement your already completed and given yourself.

The best way to pull yourself out of  bad mood or (soon-to-be bad mood) is to love yourself through it. Be easy on yourself. Cut yourself some slack for Pete’s sake. The more you’re able to pay attention to your inner talk, the better chance you have to lovingly ease your way into a better feeling mood.

BONUS TIP, take a nap. Quieting your mind, meditating, or sleeping, works as a kind of natural reset button, and will allow your mind to get back to a neutral place, where it will be easier to get and stay in a good feeling mood.



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