It’s easy to have compassion for others; our kids, our parent’s and even strangers.

Activating self-compassion for ourselves however, seems to be much more difficult.

Self-compassion isn’t commonly associated with self-love, but it is in fact a form of self-love.

The best way to go about igniting the self-compassion within is to treat yourself kid who isn’t feeling good.

I know, that sounds weird. For a minute though, just think back to a time when your child, younger sibling, parent or pet was sick.

I’m going to assume you’re a kind human and so you didn’t scold them for not feeling well. Rather, its more likely you gave them extra love and attention.

Imagine you did the same for yourself? When you found yourself beating yourself up for this and that, be gentle and soothe yourself.

Say things like; “Its ok. I’m doing my best. I’m a good person. I’m learning, it’s alright. I love you. You’re doing a good job. Everything is always working out for me. This isn’t a huge deal. It’s ok. It’s alright. I’m doing my best.”

You can also simply stop and ask yourself, “Am I talking to myself like I would my best friend?”

What do you think would change if you responded to yourself in the same manner you would respond to a close friend who was suffering?

Take a step back and see yourself through the eyes of a friend.

Final Thoughts

A huge secret to happiness is to learn how to see yourself with fresh eyes, and it starts by changing your mind about who you are.

What if instead of judging and criticizing yourself, you accepted who you are while continuing to improve yourself.

All My Love,



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