3 Easy Steps to Get the Love You Deserve in 2015 & Beyond

29 Dec 3 Easy Steps to Get the Love You Deserve in 2015 & Beyond

Relationships are the foundation of our lives. If you’re hoping to meet your ideal mate or wanting more love out of your current relationship in 2015, you must have a plan. Otherwise you will continue to live the same life over and over again and get what you’ve always gotten. Getting what you’ve always gotten isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless that is, you’re unhappy with what 2014 given you. If that’s the case…you’re in the right place, because I’m now going to give you 3 Easy Steps to Get the Love You Deserve in 2015 and Beyond.

Creating your 2015 plan to get the love you deserve requires you to look at your life and ask yourself what it is that you really want this year. Let’s get started…

1) Clarity…

If you don’t define what you want, how will you ever know you got it? Get clear on what it is you want in your life or what you want more of in the upcoming year. I know, this seems daunting to think about at first, but it’s really not. If you took the time out to plan a vacation this year, then you’re more than capable of planning for the next year of your life.

If figuring out what you want is too much for you, try thinking about all the things you don’t want. Yep. Sometimes it’s easier to be reminded of all the crap you went through last year because now you’re clear on all the things you know you don’t want.

If you’re wanting a relationship, think about the men (or women) you met or dated last year, what were the traits you didn’t like about them? What were some of the actions that turned you off? Why did the relationship end? Lies? Cheating? Were his work ethics not up to your standards? Was his lack of affection an issue?

Well, now you know what you want in 2015! You want a hard-working man who knows how to tell the truth and who loves to cuddle. It’s a great start.

Imagine you’ve already met the man of your dreams, an avatar if you will, what qualities and personalities traits does he have? Make a list of 20 traits and qualities you’d like your ideal partner to have. Now pin them up on your bathroom mirror and focus on receiving all that you’ve asked for (and more).

2) Get Out Of Your Own Way…

We are creatures of habit. If you’re headed into 2015 with the idea there are “no good men in the world” or “all the good ones are taken” and then talking about it with all of your girlfriends, then that is exactly what you will get in 2015—a lack of good men. I suspect you bought into this same notion in 2014, so it’s time for a change.

Lining up with all the things you want in 2015 is simply a matter of letting go of your resistance to them. Translation: Get out of your own way.

It’s no secret the mind of a woman is a wee bit complicated and as a result our actions don’t always align with what we say we want. We are complex creatures by nature and most of the time this serves us well, other times it gets in our way. This is one of those times it gets in our way.

Meet Sally.

Sally says “I want someone I can share my life with” or “I would love to have a companion, a good friend I can trust.”

{Here’s where it gets complicated and contradicting…}

Sally meets Bob. She likes Bob. Although Bob has Sally’s attention, she is guarded and quietly taking mental notes on his every move and every word, archiving each of them for later use. Sally isn’t going to be fooled again, so she watches like a hawk. All the while on the outside, Sally appears to be having fun, but in the back of her mind she waits for Bob to disappoint her, almost expecting it. Like a period, she knows it’s coming; it’s just a matter of when.

But she moves forward anyway in hopes that won’t happen. Things go well and after a few dates Sally’s friend asks her how things are going with Bob, Sally replies “He’s great. We’re great. It’s scary, it’s probably too good to be true.” Her friend reminds her to just have fun.

A week later, Bob disappoints Sally. Sally is unhappy and then calls that same friend and says “Seeeeeeeeee I knew it was too good to be true.”

It’s a vicious cycle.

If we could say what we want and expect it to come, (regardless of the past) there would be more people focused on the positive traits of a person rather than their negative ones.

You must be willing to try something different, begin telling a new story; a story that is not based on your past experiences.

Start by reminding yourself that just because you dated some less than ideal men (or women) in 2014, this doesn’t mean that ALL the good ones are taken. That’s just a cop out. There are many good men and women who are connecting with other good men and women every day. It’s just a matter of truly believing they do in fact exist.

3) Expectation…

Walk into 2015 with the expectation your ideal mate exists and is headed your way. If you’re already in a relationship, expect to see the improvements you’d like to see. Look for the good.

Expectation and intention are the most powerful ways to attract anything in your life, including your mate. Expect good things and they will come. Expect bad things and they too will come.

While you’re waiting to either connect with your ideal mate or for your current relationship to improve, the best thing you could do this year is to fall in love with yourself. Yes, you heard me right; fall madly, deeply in love with yourself.

The more love you have for yourself, the more love you have to offer to others. Its as simple as that.

Final Thoughts

If you want to connect with your ideal mate this year or simply improve the relationship you’re already in, be the change you want to see. It starts with you. Let the past be the past and forgive those who have hurt you. Don’t make the ones you’re with in 2015 pay for your past hurts. January 1, 2015 is a fresh start. Keep your chin up and your eyes looking ahead. You may be surprised at what 2015 has to offer you (and your love life).

Wishing you a year filled with many blessings, lots of love and tons of belly laughs!



Happy New Year!!

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  • JOHN
    Posted at 07:56h, 01 January

    jody,,,, good review of what we feel we,d like but the key to any durable relationship is the level of honest communications…. i mean the whole story…not something we made up cuz that,s what my partner wants to hear…..and then theyre is what id call tolerance” //// were going to live with it because i cant do it alone? communicate and take the time necessary to truly know your partners ”real person”!!! sincereely dr john just my opinion 😉

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