Discovering Your Life Purpose

12 Aug Discovering Your Life Purpose

As a young adult, I found the terms “life purpose” and “calling” to be so intimidating! I remember thinking that one day God would whisper into my ear “Jody, your life purpose is to be a _________”.  How awesome would that have been! I suppose if it were that easy though, more people would be living their purpose and as a result our neighbors, family members, friends and store clerks would be a heck of a lot happier. 


What is all this hype about “Life Purpose”?

Your purpose is the WHY you are here. It is that unique gift that only you can bring to the world. It is that thing(s) for which you have a burning desire. Your purpose is your ultimate destination. It’s what makes you jump out of bed in the morning; pulling you upward and onward.

Imagine you’re running out the door in the morning and you cannot seem to find your keys anywhere! Frantically, you spend the next fifteen minutes running all over the house looking for them. With each passing second, you become increasingly stressed. Suddenly, you find them laying on the dryer…right where you last put them.  You sigh with relief!  Finding your purpose is similar to that feeling of relief, but obviously on a much larger scale. It is an inner knowing that you have found your purpose. You know you have found your purpose when you finally stop chasing the need to feel fulfilled because when you find it, you feel satisfied and generally happy!  You feel relieved and fulfilled!  

Connecting the Dots…

I strongly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason! YES, everything! We may not like certain obstacles at the time we are faced with them, but it is all a part of the BIGGER picture. Sometimes, the biggest challenges of your life will become a part of your life purpose:

  •  Overcame a drug addiction? Maybe a part of your purpose is to help others do the same?
  • Went through a brutal divorce? Maybe you’ve been thinking about becoming a marriage counselor?
  • Abused as a child? Maybe you are destined to protect other children?

When you go through the really tough times in your life, they have the ability to completely change you; for the better or for the worse. That being said, if you learned a lot about yourself and became stronger because of that challenge, then wouldn’t it be safe to also say that if you didn’t go through what you did, you would lack the knowledge and wisdom that you now hold? Then, maybe just maybe that is essentially why it had to happen in the first place; so you could inspire and empower others who are going through what you once went through. All the books in the world cannot teach you firsthand experience. Therefore, your challenge was necessary. I vividly remember on the day of my father’s memorial service a very dear family friend came over to me and said “Honey, I am so sorry. Everything happens for a reason and although you don’t know what that is right now, one day you will know. You’ve got to believe that.”  I hung on to her words for nineteen years, waiting, hoping and praying I would find the answers one day.

It wasn’t until I began to connect the dots of my life that I discovered my life purpose; to empower others to live a life they love. I didn’t “find” my life purpose, it was there the whole time; I unveiled it. Life coaching and writing are the vehicles to fulfill my purpose. It was through the pain of my father’s suicide this desire evolved.  My father was stuck in his story, his challenges, his circumstances and this is what ultimately lead him to suicide. I cannot change that. But I can help the living! Life challenges are not meant to punish or paralyze us; they are put there to help us grow into becoming better people. You must first be open to this concept before you can discover your life purpose.

Stay tuned for some thought provoking questions you can ask yourself to help “connect the dots” of your life which can help you unveil your life purpose…

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  • Keglo
    Posted at 12:46h, 16 August

    Thank you so much for all your beautiful and inspirational words of wisdom Jody – You Rock!

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